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Bulutanka Tourism and Organisation have held numerous meetings regularly with professional staff so far and we present those meetings in company with professional point of view.We are glad to serve the following services at seminar and congress meetings:

Bulutanka is with you all of the congress and seminars.

  • The choice of congress centre and hotel,arranging the concept of congress
-choosing the hotels where are in central location.(you finish your preparation,arranging location is our profession!)
-the design of meeting's programme
-the representation of meeting 
  • Gala dinners with alcoholic drinks(or nonalcholic)
-following of drinking,eating and coffee breaks' services during meeting,making menu selection
-organization of dinner and lunch
-distribution of the hotel room
-determination of media and press

Advertising and press material 
-the preparation of those printed materials(poster,identification badge,bag,pencil,invitation card,brochure,booklet,flag)

Register and hostess
-making preparation of executive project team,public relations,media and press
-preparation of presentation center and Internet cafe
-cinevision services
-displaying dia(reversal film)
  • Excursions
-arranging the simultaneous and interpreter programme for Turks and foreigner guests
-preparation of lectern's place
-reservation of registration and accommodation
-transportation of participants at transfer services
-excursions and city tours for participants's companions
-in addition to simultaneous system,guidance,interpreting services,comprehensive and detailed working are Buluntanka organisation's profession.

Advertisement of products are done to take correct image and meet target group.There is a need for professional staff so that these advertisement organisations will be successful.Our team accompany to you for these special activities.

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